To offer high-quality investment products of different asset classes, delivering consistent results in the long term.


To be one of the biggest and best independent fund managers in Brazil.



Independently managed company, ensuring the alignment of interests between the company, staff and investors.


Staff who put in the best performance will be recognised and rewarded by way of remuneration and equity, creating an organisational environment of high motivation that provides clear stimulus toward reaching for increasingly better results.


We follow the highest levels of ethics. Transparency and honesty are essential values in the conduct of business.


A constant search for excellence in management, investment processes and risk control. “A good institution always wants to improve” (Jorge Paulo Lemann).

Risk Control

With management focused on the preservation of capital, AZ Quest possesses a rigid in-house system that constantly monitors market risk, liquidity, credit and operations. Each fund has pre-established limits according to our strategy and return objectives.

Our risk control team works independently from management, guaranteeing autonomy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


AZ Quest adopts best management practices, submitting itself to external audits and prioritizing management risk. The company has in place contingency plans and an internal compliance dedicated to rigorous ethical and legal principles. Governance is boosted by three committees: Compliance, Investment and Risk.

Voting Policy

Policy on voting rights for assemblies adhere to key auto-regulation norms set out by ANBID, the National Brazilian Association of Investment Banks, for investment funds, including those stipulated in article 21. AZ Quest makes available a report on voting on a monthly basis.

Azimut Group

Azimut Group is an independent global asset management and financial services company that has a broad network of 1,600 financial advisors around the world with subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, Chile and Brazil.


With a focus on preserving capital and generating consistent returns in the long term, AZ Quest sees investment opportunities in a unique way. Over time, we have developed a methodology that is based on fundamental analysis that also considers the outlook by sector and the macroeconomic scenario.

We believe performance consistency in the longer term is the biggest generator of wealth and a decisive factor in delivering good portfolio results.

The secret to achieving such consistency in each of our strategies is centred on discipline in the way we conduct a wide-ranging investment process that incentivizes and generates ideas as well as a group decision.

At AZ Quest, the selection of assets undergoes a complete fundamental analysis process, that embraces idiosyncratic corporate factors such as intrinsic value and governance for each of the corporate candidates to be included in our portfolios. Such factors include local and global macroeconomic scenarios and an outlook of the economy’s different sectors.

The research process is focused on discovering which assets will have the best performance in terms of generating risk adjusted Alpha.

Investment Processes

Investment Process: Equities

The equities investment approval process is composed of four phases, starting with a deep fundamental and macroeconomic analysis that takes into consideration factors such as a company’s business model, its management, cash flow strength, the recurring capacity of generating solid results, governance and sector outlook.

The macro scenario serves as a backdrop, adding value to the process through the definition of essential variables for the evaluation of companies such as rates, FX, inflation as well as long-term fundamental trends in Brazil and abroad. Technical factors such as liquidity, investment flows and the cost of rent are considered during the construction of portfolios.

Investment Process: Macro

The macro investment process consists of obtaining a return correlated to local and international FX, futures, equities and fixed income market movements.

The management team tracks and analyses macro data that impacts local and global scenarios, identifying ahead of time the best opportunities and investment catalysers.


We search for superior returns and the preservation of an investor’s capital through our rigorous fundamental process and active management of our corporate debt portfolio:


AZ Quest funds have won prizes from specialised publications, recognising the consistency of superior return generation in the long the long term with rigid risk control at each of its stages.

In 2015, AZ Quest won Top Management from magazine ValorInvest in the category of Focused Managers – Equities, one of the most important in the country.

AZ Quest also was awarded the grade LFg2, representing “Very Good” management quality from LF Rating, recognising the commitment of the highest level in ethics and governance, adding to a robust operational infrastructure and technology at AZ Quest.

Top Marks

Top Management - Equities focused manager

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2013 / 2014 / 2015

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Quest Equity Hedge
2009/ 2010/ 2014 / 2015

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2009/ 2010

Highest Classification

Quest Total Return
2013 / 2014 / 2015

Quest Top Long Biased
2013 / 2014

Quest Small Caps

Quest Equity Hedge

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2008/ 2009

Excellent Classification

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2010/ 2011/ 2013/ 2014

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2013/ 2014

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Top Marks

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