Social impact

It is possible to ally profit with purpose, creating products for those who believe companies to be a force for good; impacting people, investors and the planet

The objective of an investment in positive socio-economic impact is to address social problems such as: education, healthcare, transport, security, infrastructure, etc., seeking a return for investors that are prepared to contribute towards the building of a fairer society. The AZ Quest Azimut Impacto fund is an innovating product that strengthens the ecosystem from social impact in Brazil, preserving the profits of the investor. The fund is open for all Brazilian investors


The aim of the fund – AZ Quest Azimut Impacto FIC FIM CP – is to obtain higher returns over the longer term, through active management, than the CDI benchmark. The portfolio is allocated in AZ Quest funds that possess consistent results, high liquidity and low-risk corporate debt.

The profitability of the product is 100% the client’s. The income gained by AZ Quest, generated by the fund administration fee is ploughed back into strengthening the ecosystem of social impact in Brazil, being directly donated towards accelerators and incubators that, in turn, support entrepreneurs with social businesses.

If you are able to invest in a product which has consistent performance, high liquidity, moderate risk and, at the same time, contributes towards building a society with less inequality, and without renouncing your profitability. WHY NOT?


Artemisia is a pioneer in disseminating and promoting businesses with social impact in Brazil. Since 2004, the organization has supported businesses aimed at the low-income sector, which create innovative solutions for socio-environmental problems and provoke positive social impact upon the lives of millions of Brazilians. Its mission is to identify and enhance entrepreneurs and businesses of social impact so that they may become references in the building of a more ethical and fairer Brazil. The organization has already accelerated more than 100 social impact businesses and trained a further 300 within its different programs.

ANIP –Articulator for Social Impact Businesses in the Suburbs: the result of a partnership between A Banca, Artemisia and FGV, aims to support a new generation of entrepreneurs from the poorer suburb regions of São Paulo, thereby strengthening their business models and increasing their social impact, in an environment that turns them into protagonists in the development of socio-environmental and financial solutions for the country. Through this program, selected entrepreneurs receive financial and managerial support in order to boost their businesses.

To discover more about the work of Artemisia, ANIP and the supported projects, access:   and

International Certification

On creating this area, we redesigned many of our internal and external procedures, our relationships with suppliers, clients and the government. We decided to adhere to the highest standards of governance, making our company a business that considers not just the profit of its shareholders but further generates and provides profit for the entire society. We aligned our mission, adhering to Global Compact from the U.N., thus contributing to the goals for sustainable development for 2030. This initiative expresses our desire and will to contribute towards building a better future for everybody. We believe that it is our role, alongside a network of global partners, to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.