Risk management

As important as generating above-benchmark returns over the long term is the correct risk management. A portfolio’s exposure to risk must be aligned with the expectations of the investors when deciding to make an allocation in a determined fund. Over its existence, AZ Quest has developed a methodology for controlling and monitoring the assets of your portfolio and the range of variables that involve all the investment processes.

We monitor four principal risks: Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Credit Risk and Operational Risk. AZ Quest has controls which monitor the stress points in the market, assessing the level of leverage of each portfolio in such a way as to avoid losses that are not in accordance with the mandates of the assumed risks for its funds.

The adherence of the portfolios to the risk mandates and their constant monitoring reinforces the principles of wealth preservation and of consistent long-term results. Added to this, the Risk Management area reports directly to the Investment Committee to guarantee total autonomy and the power to square up the risk mandates and guidelines.

Voting policy

The Policy of Exercising the Right to Vote in Assemblies conforms with the requirements determined in articles 53 and 54 of the Third-Party Resources Administration Code of ANBIBA (artigos 53 & 54, Código de Administração de Recursos de Terceiros, ANBIMA). The exercising of the right to vote is exclusively attributed to the manager and must be exercised with due diligence and with the rule of good governance.