Top view of eight business people assembling the word STRATEGY while each holding one card with letter on it. Conceptual of cooperation in finding the best approach to develop business and company.

Made up of professionals with deep experience in the market, AZ Quest is a partnership that values human capital and seeks to attract and retain talent thanks to a culture that incentivizes meritocracy and teamwork. Most of our investment professionals are partners by way of policy alignment on incentives between fund managers, shareholders and investors committed to the highest levels of ethical and governance standards.

Equities and Long Short Fund Management

  • Alexandre Silverio – CIO and responsible for Equities Management
  • Eduardo Carlier – Co-Fund Manager / Analyst
  • Welliam Wang, CFA – Co-Fund Manager / Analyst
  • Rodrigo Mello – Co-Fund Manager / Trader
  • Marcello Milman -Analyst
  • Caio Monteleone, CFA – Analyst
  • Mariana Coelho de Oliveira – Analyst
  • Mauricio Gallego – Fund Manager
  • Bruno Barbosa – Trader
  • Daniela Pinter – Short

Macro Managment

  • Sergio Luiz da Silva – Fund Manager
  • Bernardo Zerbini – Fund Manager
  • Alan Garcia – Co-Fund Manager
  • Marcello Curvello de Azevedo – Co-Fund Manager
  • André Muller – Economist
  • Ana Luiza Abrão – Strategist

Business Development, IR and Operations

  • Walter Maciel Neto – CEO
  • Wilson Barcellos – Institutional Investors Head
  • Cassiano Ciampone – Investor Relations
  • Eduardo Duarte – Investor Relations
  • Vinicius Langoni –Investor Relations
  • Iuri Rocha –Investor Relations
  • Lina Claudia Buares – Administration Head


Advisory Board

AZ Quest counts on the support of Azimut Group’s Advisory Board, whose Chairman and founding partner of Quest Investimentos is Luiz Carlos Mendonca de Barros. A production engineer via POLI-USP and Doctor in Economics through Unicamp, Mendonça de Barros is currently a columnist at Valor Economico newspaper.

Mendonca de Barros started his career as a financial analyst at Investbanco in 1967 and it includes high-level roles such as Director and Member of the Board of the Central Bank of Brazil, Minister of Telecommunications and BNDES (Brazil’s national development bank) President.

As well as Quest Investimentos, he also established investment bank and brokerage Planibanc in 1983 that was associated with Bankers Trust and 10 years later Banco Matrix.

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