Risk Control


Risk Control

In line with our constant concern in preserving capital and avoiding significant losses, AZ Quest has developed a rigorous protection strategy with the objective of maintaining a sustainable business.

Management evaluates and monitors four key risk pillars: Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Credit and Operational Risk. There is a system of control that imposes limits at moments of stress to avoid excessive leverage of the portfolio, loss of liquidity or drawdown that seeks to avoid events of successive losses.

Developed to monitor the assets of your portfolio and its diverse variables which involve all investment processes, an accurate and efficient risk measurement system analyses each asset individually by way of behavioural simulations that allow for the definition of oscillation limits.

The adhering of portfolios to our risk mandate and their continuous monitoring reinforce our principles of preserving capital and consistent results in the long term. On top of this, to guarantee total autonomy and authority to the setting up of mandates and risk guidelines, the Risk Management area reports directly to the Investment Committee.

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