Founded in 2001 and associated to Grupo Azimut since 2015, AZ Quest is one of the largest and most traditional independent fund managers from Brazil, offering a diversified platform of high-quality products in a range of financial strategies for Equities, Macro, Corporate Debt and Arbitrage. Currently, we boast more than 50 professionals with long market experience gained in some of the most prominent institutions.

Our objective is to offer funds that bring consistent returns over the long term, creating wealth through the excellence of our team. The diversified platform allows applications to be made across the most varied models of products, aligning the allocation of portfolios to the profiles of each investor.

We received “MQ1 (Excellent)”, the highest rating from Moody’s in Management Quality, based upon our disciplined investment management process, high level of experience of our professional staff, solid infrastructure and operational controls, as well as the dedication and support of our controlling partner.

Grupo Azimut


Our history of evolution and
consistent growth.

Quest Investimentos is founded by Luiz Carlos Mendonça de Barros

Launch of 1st Macro strategy fund

Launch of Equity strategy

Launch of Long Short strategy

Link Partners S.A. sell their stake in the company

Inauguration of the Value strategy through the Small Caps FIC FIA

Strategic association signed with BTG Pactual

Azimut Brasil, acquires 60% of Quest’s capital

BTG Pactual and Luiz Carlos Mendonça de Barros leave the corporation

Corporate Debt strategy

Award: Top Asset Equity e ValorInvest

Incorporation of funds from AZ Legan

Award: Top Asset Equity e ValorInvest

AZ Quest becomes a Certified B Corporation

Award for Best Multi-Market Fund Manager from the business magazine – Revista Exame

Our Investment Philosophy

With a focus on wealth preservation and upon the capacity to generate consistent returns over the long term, AZ Quest’s understanding is that the analysis of the fundamentals is the most adequate form of capturing the best investment opportunities within the different markets. We believe that consistency in performance over the long term is the decisive factor for portfolio results. As we always say:

investment is a marathon, not a 100 meter dash.

Investment Process

We are a fund manager with a unique investment process, which starts out with the analysis of the macro-economic outlook of the country. From the definition of the investment outlook scenario, each of our teams begins its investment process, in which the fundamental analysis is the principal element for constructing portfolios. The selection of assets takes into account the intrinsic value and level of governance of each of the candidate companies to be included in our portfolios.


Formed by professionals with great market experience, AZ Quest values its human capital as being an intangible asset and seeks to attract and retain talent through a culture of incentives that encourages and rewards meritocracy and teamwork.
The majority of our professionals are partners, in a policy of incentive alignment between managers, shareholders and investors.

Walter Maciel Neto


Alexandre Silverio

CIO and Equity Strategy Manager

Gustavo de Alencar Cardoso


Laurence Mello

Corporate Debt Strategy Manager

Welliam Wang - CFA

Co-manager and Equity Analyst

Eduardo Carlier

Co-manager and Equitiy Analyst

Sergio Luiz da Silva

Macro Strategy Manager

Bernardo Zerbini

Macro Strategy Manager

Cassiano Ciampone

Head of Investor Relations

Rodrigo Mello

Co-Manager of Equity

Fabio Batista

Head of Arbitrage Strategy

Caio Colombo

Corporate Debt Analyst

Ana Luiza Abrão - Co-manager of Macro

André Muller - Chief Economist

Bruno Barbosa - Equity Analyst

Caio Montenele -CFA - Equity Analyst

Daniel Borini - Corporate Debt Analyst

Daniela Pinter - Trader Assistant

Debora Nogueira - Economist

Eduardo Duarte - Investor Relations

Gustavo Zupo - Arbitrage Trader

Iuri Rocha - Investor Relations

Jean Marcondes - Co-responsible for Arbitrage strategy

Juliano Camargo - Economist

Lina Claudia Buares - In charge of Administration, Finance and HR

Marcello Curvello - Co-manager Macro

Marcello Milman - CFA - Equity Analyst

Marcelo Lorande - CFA - Risk Manager

Mariana Coelho de Oliveira - Equity Analyst

Pedro Fortunato - Investor Relations

Tiago Rangel - Corporate Debt Analyst

Vinicius Langoni - Investor Relations

Wilson Barcellos - In charge of the Institutional Investor area